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Our Services

Managed IT Support

With our fully managed IT support, 24x7 proactive monitoring and maintenance, we'll become your trusted IT partner taking care of your whole IT estate and providing you with a tailored service and strategic planning to meet the needs of your business, whether remotely or onsite. 

IT Security

Suffering any form of cyber attack from phishing to ransomware attacks will have a detrimental effect on your business operations if the right measures are not in place. Our range of security offerings include; proactive monitoring solution, endpoint security, cloud security, email security and security as a service (SECaaS) with a 24x7x365 security operations centre (SOC). We can tailor these products to maximise security for your organisation.

IT Consultancy

Our team will listen to understand your challenges and work with you to reach your goals with thorough planning and delivery each time. Whether it be a complete IT audit or a new project, from a hardware refresh to migrating your IT systems to the cloud. We understand the ever changing needs of your organisation, so we offer banked days. These can be used against any consultancy work you may require.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a Government backed certification that helps you to protect your organisation, whatever its size. The certification demonstrates that your organisation has a range of controls in place against a wide variety of the most common cyber attacks. There are two certification types; the basic and the plus. The basic consists of completing a self-assessment that is independently reviewed by a certifying body. The plus is very similar to the basic certification, it requires the same self-assessment to be completed. However, a technical audit and vulnerability scan is carried out by the certifying body to verify the necessary controls are in place. The Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates to your clients and prospects that Cyber Security measures are in place within your organisation. This certification is also required for many government tenders.

Cloud Solutions

As hybrid and fully remote working is becoming the new normal for many businesses. Cloud based systems allow you to securely work and stay productive from anywhere in the world with ease. Microsoft 365 is leading the way with cloud services. The team at som3 tech have the expertise to implement the best solution for your business.


Cloud based phone systems are becoming a must with more businesses operating a hybrid work model. Here at som3 tech, we understand that businesses need to ensure that every call is promptly answered, otherwise important business leads could be missed. Our cloud telephony system has all the functionality of an onsite phone system, plus more. This allows for calls to be taken via VoIP handsets, the Windows or Mac application, web client or via the mobile app; ensuring wherever you are, you can communicate with colleagues and clients with ease.

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